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It all started — for my generation at least — with MySpace, and once that lost its cool (and it did rather quickly) Facebook took over the lives of every person I knew in high school. If you weren’t on Facebook, you were like an alien. But then the newest trend, Twitter, crept up in college and now, slowly, my friends are entering the Twitterverse and everywhere I go, everything I do, Twitter is there.

Facebook and Twitter are both exceptional social networking tools, but people, even celebrities, always seem to prefer one over the other. Let’s break them down, shall we?


Most celebrities use both networking Sites, but their Facebook pages are more to generate as many “Likes” as possible and to promote themselves. Singers Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez have generated a huge amount of fans. J.Lo has 6,960,324 fans and Britney Spears has 14,934,002…

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