Listen to creative people: Q&A with Rory Sutherland

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Advertising impressario Rory Sutherland has given TEDTalks on the general life lessons to take from advertising, and the incredible importance of seemingly small details for producing big results. Now, he’s released “Rory Sutherland: The Wiki Man,” a collection of essays and interviews on the art, science, and life of advertising. TED’s Ben Lillie called him in London to talk about his take on new developments in psychology, and how his insights can be applied to the current state of the economy.

You’re a big fan of the new science of behavioral economics.

Enormously, yes.

Given how complicated and hard-to-understand humans are, how do you tell that the new science is, in fact, doing a better job? Is there a real way to tell that?

Well, first of all, I suppose you might argue that if all it does is challenge the old science, it’s worthwhile in that.

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