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Making Social Media Marketing Simple

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The key to making social media marketing work for your business is focus and consistency. Make a commitment and post news that is exciting and interesting to your audience. Strike a balance between under-posting and over-posting. Set a schedule and stick with it.
Here is a sample schedule for social media marketing:
2x/day, check:
-Twitter; scan followers’ posts for conversations to join
-Your business’ Facebook page
-Google Alerts for company references
-Facebook: Add new content (ie. videos, photos or links to articles and blog posts)
-Twitter: Organize and build lists
-LinkedIn: Review questions from connections, catch upon discussions, send invitations to new clients and contacts and ask for recommendations upon successful completion of a project.
-Bee on the lookout for new social networking tools that will allow you to reach new and wider audiences.
Periodically, throughout the week:
– Facebook: Add new content (photos, discounts, promotions etc.).

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