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Team No Follow Back on Twitter

True enough!

Leyda Hernandez

Leyda Hernandez No Follow Back

Don’t Follow Me

If you are a film maker who doesn’t like football, would you sit down to chat with a room full of football fanatics?  Probably not.  It’s human nature to be interested in some things and not others.  In the same way you would interact in real life, why would you listen in on a conversation in which you have no interest in?  That’s why I am part of Team No Follow Back on Twitter.

There are so many things wrong with #FollowBack.  An automatic follow is when a Twitter follow is automatically reciprocated with a follow in return.  While other people advocate about the benefits of following back those who follow you, such as in Del Santo’s 10 reasons of why he follows back, it is not something I support or am fond of.  You may be new to Twitter or just looking to increase your…

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3 thoughts on “Team No Follow Back on Twitter

  1. Thanks for reblogging the post. I took a look at your Twitter account and it seems like you are right there with me. Twitter is all about conversation and interaction. Following anyone and everyone to me defeats that purpose of having quality followers who share your interests and are genuinely interested in you, compromising it for the sake of numbers. Thanks again!

    Leyda Hernandez

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