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The Amazing Uses of Social Media


Imagine the scene.  It’s 1993, 10.22pm and the weather outside is horrendous.  Your power has just cut out and on a “through the window” inspection, it appears it’s just your house.

You’re not that great with electronics though so what do you do?  Pay a fortune for an electrician to do an emergency call?  Or wait until the morning when you can either ring someone or get your dad round.

Not in 2011.  My friend’s power has in fact gone off tonight.  He isn’t sure how to fix it and with 3 kids, a wife and himself to get ready for school/work in the morning, waiting isn’t really an option.

It’s just over 12 days before Christmas so an emergency call out charge isn’t needed either.

So my friends posted statuses on Facebook (via their iPhones) asking for help.  How do we sort out this problem?

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